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The world turned to a dark place. War changed everything and joining Dark Dao clan is the only way to stay alive in this dangerous robo verse. Join our community and secure your life by being part of our robo hero team. The Token Of Dark Dao is the currency in this game controlled by an intelligent distribution algorithm. 

Fight against our common enemies, which are coming from the dark, collect Dark Dao Gold and buy more NFTs and land to secure our world.

The gameplay will consist of different game modes where you can either fight against other CPUs (alpha version) or other players (beta version). The player can select their hero which belongs to different DAOs (Clans) of different planets. Dark Dao is the main planet where the other planets are positioned next to each other. It is the most powerful planet. In the alpha version of the game, you can select between 2 heroes and fight with different abilities against different enemies and collect points for different tasks. These points are the ingame currency which can be paid out after quitting the game. 

In a more advanced version, you will have the possibility to join clans, build teams, and conquer different land areas and planets. Each of these elements will be NFTs with different rewards depending on their rarity. 

The full game story will be released in Q2 2022, stay tuned.


About the project

Dark Dao is the next level P2E high end gaming experience, which creates addiction from the first second of playing. We are building a game which sets new levels of gaming fun combined with crypto currencies, as well as NFT and land staking.

early stage insight

What do I see?

In addition to playable character options and hostile or friendly players, you can see the planet Mercury and Mars in their early development process. It is good to know what properties the planets have...

What we aim for

Artificial intelligence will help everyone succeed.

Staking - up to 10.000% APY

STAKING with massive APY and VESTING available after Public Launch

Hold to Earn & Play to Earn

Earn 2% reflections by owning and holding the DARK DAO Token and / or by playing DARK DAO


Roboter NFTs within game usage. Later we will release planet NFTs.

Game technology

Unreal Engine plus VR Extension




Listings on CG, CMC & other exchanges, massive advertisements, celebrity promotions

A Revolutionary
VR Gaming

NEXT LEVEL VR gaming Experience combined with AI TECHNOLOGY & REALTIME DATA MERGE..

Token Details

Marketcap <1MILL

10 % on Buys & Sells

Marketcap: 1-5MILL

9 % on Buys & Sells

Marketcap: 5-10MILL

8 % on Buys & Sells

Marketcap: 10-30MILL

6% on Buys & Sells

Marketcap: 30-100MILL

4% on Buys & Sells

Marketcap: 100-500MILL

3% on Buys & Sells

Marketcap: 500-1000MILL

1% on Buys & Sells

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contract ownership & management by RugFreeCoins

10 %
0 %
Game (P2E rewards in BUSD & development)
0 %
Reflections (to every holder)
0 %
Liquidity Pool
0 %
0 %
DEV wallets
to be extended


 We decided to raise presale HC a little bit: We will go for 100 BNB HC (WL only).

 a) we will have more LP from start on for more stability & also good for CMC listing (the volume will be 110% there). 

b) its better for token supply for staking which will be over 30% of total supply

c) hundreds of call channels wanted WL spots…so we will def. have crazy buy pressure. Plus, many influencer are already on board and paid for life time. We are running meanwhile Ads on Tiktok and get more exposure on youtube & twitter. 


🔸Presale will take place on Sunday 3rd April on https://t.me/sphynxlabs launchpad. 

🔸Launch will be on Pancakeswap on Monday 4th April

🔸We will have an audit & KYC badge 

🔸Massive marketing before, during and after launch is in preparation

There will be staking with up to 10.000% APY

✅ Anti dump: 0.5% of total supply 
✅ Max wallet: 1% of total supply

Contract features:
✅ Owner cannot pause/stop trading 
✅ Owner cannot increase tax by more than 15%
✅ Owner cannot exclude wallets from tax
✅ No mint function 
✅ No blacklist function
🔒 Liquidity is locked for 6 month

Step 1: Create a Trust Wallet or Meta Mask Wallet

Step 2: Transfer $BNB (Smart Chain) to Trust Wallet or MetaMask
Either purchase $BNB through Trust Wallet or Meta Mask or transfer from another Wallet (e.g. Coinbase or Binance) to Trust Wallet or MetaMask wallet.

Step 3: Buy $DDAO on PancakeSwap
You can currently buy $DDAO on PancakeSwap, the most trusted decentralized exchange where you can swap any BEP20 token.

Step 4: Swap $BNB for $DDAO: use 12 % slippage or more depending on high trading volume. By connecting your Wallet, you are able to swap $BNB for $DDAO.

Here is a video which explains how to do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=xkIm5LQfcs8


If you Use an iPhone and want to buy from your phone, you have to buy via browser and connect your wallet via ‘wallet connect’.

Here it is explained:



Download our whitepaper now (PDF file) to read everything in one place. Please note that we will update our whitepaper from time to time.



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